I have opened this small shop especially for my friends, which pestered me with requests to show all my watches, besides those timepieces I expose onto the sale on eBay auction.
For convenience, I have divided all watches exposed onto sale, into four categories: pre-1900, 1900-30, 1930-60, and 1960-after.
Here you will find absolutely various timepieces. There are fully original as pocket so wristwatches. There are pocket watches converted to the wrist at one time. I have a lot of similar watches. They were remade and in the 20's years, and presently. Especially many such converted watches fell on the Second World War and subsequent years. Soldiers always liked wristwatches more than the pocket, and they were very proud of them. After the war, the huge quantity of the pocket watches, as war trophies, has been brought into Soviet Union and the most part of them has been re-made into wristwatches by their new owners. You should be aware that these are also original watches, but for convenience of wearing and to satisfy fashion of those days they have been converted to the wrist.

Unfortunately, time leaves its traces on the watches and doesn't spare them. Over long years of use they become obsolete. There are especially many watches with broken dials. Such watches are being restored, but the dials are being made new. Sometimes they are made as former, sometimes new dial in modern or in military style. Customers often appeal to me to make the watch with that or other dial. Especially frequently they request the military style. It is dictated by a fashion. Sometimes to me bring antiquarian watches and ask to replace an original dial with the new. It isn't very good, but there's nothing to be done, people like old watches with bright faces. You should understand that such watches also are original, but they only have new, modern dials.
Very often movements took out of watches. Especially it concerns expensive gold watch. Gold was on sale and re-melted for other needs, and mechanisms were becoming unclaimed.

In present time, the new cases are shaped on a lathe to such mechanisms, and the watches receive the second life. They look beautifully, stylishly, and well find their buyer. But you should know that these are already new watches. They have old original mechanisms, but the new cases and a new dials.
About all it I try to write in the description. But sometimes in the description I write what seems important to me, and to the buyer quite another thing can seem important. So, before purchase it is better to find out all exactly once again. You can always contact me by e-mail. Don't be shy to write and I'll always answer all your letters.
I don't know how it will turn out, but I plan to update my shop once a week. I send purchases worldwide and with free shipping.

Well, perhaps that's all. Oh yes, the most important thing. On the photo is not me. I am a little younger!

If you have any questions, you can contact me by e-mail. Please write to me, and I will be glad to answer your questions.


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